Kathy Lombard has been clearing music for television, film, the internet and record labels for over 20 years. Her experience both on the licensor and licensee side of business means she enjoys longstanding relationships with hundreds of publishers, record labels, production companies, film studios and artists. Those relationships enable her to get quick responses and the best price on music for your project. She is expert on licensing otherwise "hard to clear" titles and her legal background provides confidence to the client that your documents will be executed promptly and accurately. Her experience clearing entire seasons of contestant shows such as "Nashville Star" and "Making Menudo" mean that, along with with her database of contacts and information, she can handle high volume time sensitive clearance efficiently while keeping costs low.

What rights do you need?

  • Synchronization ("Synch") Rights: Any time your project incorporates a musical composition, regardless of how small the excerpt, you must seek permission from the music publisher. You have no right to change lyrics without explicit permission from the music publisher. These days, most writers reserve the right to withhold the use of their permission so it should never be presumed that a clearance can be obtained.
  • Master Rights: Any time you incorporate a recording (in other words the song is not performed by on air talent, instead a recording is used) those rights need to be obtained by the record company. Frequently the record company and the publisher will charge similar fees for "both sides" (master and synch) on a most favored nations basis which provides that if any licensor receives a higher amount, so does the licensor requesting most favored nations status.
  • Performers Rights: Using a recording in your project may trigger a required payment to the American Federation of Musicians. Our firm can help you navigate that process and negotiate preferred rates.
The client will be lead through the process of determining what rights they require, for what term, in what territory, and in what media. Those factors all determine the cost of music.

2Many clearance firms charge hourly rates, set up fees, supervision fees, contract administration fees, etc. We want your business and we want the economics to make sense for both of us. Our service includes unlimited consultation on your project, and all document production as part of a flat rate:
Per Song/Master Fee: $250.00
Ownership Research: $100.00 per hour

We look forward to the opportunity to work on your project. Please do not hesitate to call or write our office at any time for additional information.